Terms and Conditions

TERMS OF SERVICE (a.k.a. "Lease Agreement")

By submitting payment information and fully processing an order you agree to the following Terms of Service. We reserve the right to make changes, so please come back often to check up on these terms.

Updated: February 12, 2017

The Essentials

Involved Parties

You are entering a lease agreement. You, the current user authorizing payment, are the “lessee” and Brent Rents Lenses, LLC (also known as Brent Rents Lenses, BRL) is the “Lessor”. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll use the terms “you” to refer to you, our customer, rather then “lessee” and the company will be called an assortment of names throughout this document, including the above.

The Lease

You agree that you are only leasing the described equipment from BRL, you are not buying it or taking any other ownership interest in the leased equipment. A summary of the equipment to be leased is given in the shopping cart before the order is processed.


You agree and understand that you are not the owner of the equipment. BRL shall always maintain ownership of the equipment. You agree to never assign interest of the leased equipment to any third party. Should you become insolvent (bankrupt) during the term of this agreement, the lease agreement will be considered terminated and you will ship the equipment back immediately using the enclosed label. You will not report the equipment on any list of assets.

Lease Term

You choose the duration of the lease agreement by selecting certain dates to receive the equipment and to ship it back. The lease term begins on the date that you initially selected on the calendar picker. That’s the day you’ll either pick up the gear or that it will be scheduled for delivery. If the shipper drops it off early, that’s OK. You get bonus days on your lease term. If the shipper delivers it late, give BRL a call right away and arrangements will be made, where possible, to extend your lease term according to how late the shipper is in getting the gear to you. You agree to not hold BRL responsible for missed shipping deliveries. If you have a critical shoot starting on Friday, please be sure to have the gear delivered on Thursday so you have the additional time needed to take issues like this into consideration. You will contact BRL at the soonest possible time in the event of any damage to the equipment or delay in returning the leased equipment.


All you have to do is use the original packaging and enclosed shipping label for return. You’ll need to provide appropriate packaging tape to secure the box. You should also obtain a drop off receipt when the equipment is delivered to the authorized shipping center. The lease agreement will be considered over (i.e. terminated) when the equipment is returned in good working order and passes quality control tests as performed by BRL staff. In the case of equipment not passing the quality control tests, BRL staff will immediately contact you and options shall be discussed according to the terms of this agreement.

Money Issues

Payments and Deposits

You will provide payment information and BRL will process the payment in full in advance of the start of the lease term. A security deposit is required for first-time customers that need the order shipped to them. The deposit will be a reservation of the funds, not an actual charge. If this is on your debit card, it will set that cash aside in your bank account, keeping you from spending it on other things. The deposit will be from 25%–50% of the new replacement value of the leased equipment.
A deposit may be required thereafter and is at the discretion of BRL staff, but normally, it is not required. Deposits funds reservations will be cancelled upon the safe and timely return of the equipment. If equipment is returned late BRL will charge you certain late fees noted below.

Local customers, deposit information

If you live locally, i.e. within 50 miles of BRL headquarters,  and you plan to pick up the gear in person you will not be required to have a deposit on the equipment for the first order. All other customers, even those that live out of town but plan on a local pickup, will be required to do the deposit on your first order.
Local customers may also have to provide a deposit depending on special circumstances and is at the discretion of BRL staff. If this is ever an issue, you will certainly be notified.

Age restrictions

BRL only rents to clients that are 18 years of age or older. Proof of age is usually possible through the required government issued ID that’s required when signing up as a new customer.

If you’re between 18–20, a full 100% deposit will be required to be paid for the first rental. This is based on the new replacement value or other value determined by BRL staff to be sufficient for older equipment. By being fully paid, this is different than other deposits that simply need to be reserved. This also applies even if you’re a local customer.

If you’re between 21–24, a full 100% deposit will have to be reserved but not paid for the rental gear for your first rental.  This also applies even if you’re a local customer.

If you’re 25 or older, regular deposit policies apply to you.

The difference between a reserved deposit and a paid deposit is that when the funds are reserved, the money isn’t actually transferred from your account to BRL’s account. But the funds are set aside in case the charge needs to be completed. If you’re using a debit card, please be careful as you will not have access to those funds even, if it’s just a reserved deposit, and the bank will consider your account overdrawn if you’re not careful. When the deposit is considered paid, the actual funds transfer from your bank/card account to BRL’s account.

All deposit reservations are voided upon return of the gear in good order. All deposit payments are refunded upon return of the gear in good order.

Refunds and Cancellations

Refunds will not be issued for equipment that is returned early. Refunds/cancellations will be honored if cancelled before the gear is shipped out. Once it’s shipped the lease term has been initiated and is not possible to cancel. BRL will work with you and the shipper to see if it can be returned quickly, and maybe a partial refund will be warranted, but this is at the discretion of BRL staff and the circumstances of the shipping status. If you have questions, please give BRL a call and we’ll do what we can to work with you.

Late Fees

If the equipment is returned late, BRL reserves the right to charge you the one-day rental rate (the rate only available to local customers that do a local pickup which is equal to 1/2 of the three day rate). If it’s late by more than one day, the normal pricing for starting a new rental will apply.
Under certain circumstances your order may be extended (adding additional days to the original order) and this will certainly save you some money. But please call ahead if you see the need for this to happen.
If the equipment is damaged and requires payment, BRL may charge a fee up to a (7) day rental fee for all applicable equipment damaged. This only applies if the equipment was scheduled to go out to another customer, and the damaged caused by you kept that from happening (thus, the other customer’s order had to be cancelled).
If you return gear late and BRL has to expedite the shipping for that gear to meet the needs of another customer, you will be responsible for the additional shipping fees.

Failure to pay (default)

In the event that BRL cannot process payment for lessee prior to shipment, the rental term and agreement shall be terminated and the equipment will not be shipped. BRL will make every attempt to contact you to secure an alternate form of payment. In the event that BRL cannot process payments for late fees, damage fees and other fees due, BRL shall charge an interest fee of 1.5% monthly (18% annually) until the account is paid in full. BRL reserves the following rights for unpaid accounts: ~To retake possession of the equipment without a court order. You agree to waive any damages associated with such action. ~To sue in order to recover any lost revenue, fees, costs and other damages associated with attempting to regain possession of the equipment in addition to costs to replace the equipment. ~To terminate the lease and to seek other lawful forms of action to either reclaim the equipment or receive payment for the equipment which includes the right to turn past due accounts to a collection agency at its discretion. You will continue to remain liable for all late fees and costs associated with reclaiming the equipment even after the equipment is returned. Actions taken by BRL are at the discretion of BRL staff and can be effected at the same time or separately.

Damage Waiver Information

For Canon Lenses

A standard damage waiver is included with each order. For Canon branded lenses, this means that if damage should occur while in your possession, you will only be responsible for 25% of the new equipment replacement cost or the repair cost, whichever is less.

For Nikon Lenses

A standard damage waiver is included with each order. For Nikon branded lenses, this means that if damage should occur while in your possession, you will only be responsible for 30% of the new equipment replacement cost or the repair cost, whichever is less.

For Sigma/Tokina Lenses

A standard damage waiver is included with each order. For Sigma and Tokina branded lenses, this means that if damage should occur while in your possession, you will only be responsible for 30% of the new equipment replacement cost or the repair cost, whichever is less.

For Canon Camera Bodies

A standard damage waiver is included with each order. For Canon camera bodies, this means that if damage should occur while in your possession, you will only be responsible for 35% of the new equipment replacement cost or the repair cost, whichever is less.

For Fuji Equipment

A standard damage waiver is included with each order. For Fuji branded items, this means that if damage should occur while in your possession, you will only be responsible for 35% of the new equipment replacement cost or the repair cost, whichever is less.

For GoPro Equipment

GoPro equipment is different from all other equipment. Any damage will require full repair or replacement no matter the cost or circumstances. Deciding on replacement vs. repair is at the sole discretion of BRL staff.

Generic terms, applies to all equipment.

This damage waiver policy does not cover or include the following: Water damage, Sand/Dirt on internal elements, Gross negligence and any damage that causes the equipment to be totally destroyed and completely inoperable and unrepairable.
BRL staff has the sole judgement on whether or not these exclusions apply. Please call BRL as soon as possible if damage or loss occurs. It’s possible that late fees or lost rental revenue fees can be avoided if BRL is able to make other arrangements for future lessees. BRL reserves the right to require a deposit and temporarily suspend the damage waiver policy for certain clients who abuse this policy or otherwise rely on it to much. Judgement of policy abuse will be at the sole discretion of BRL staff. If your lens includes a protective filter, damage to the filter will require a full replacement of the filter. If your order includes any item that is considered an accessory (such but not limited to a memory card) damage to the accessories will require full replacement of that accessory.

Other Important Items

Responsibility of Equipment

You assume all responsibility for the equipment and agree to be charged a replacement fee as determined by BRL at the time BRL is notified of any loss, theft or damage. Late fees or fees for lost rental revenue may also need to be charged if BRL is not able to secure replacement equipment in a timely manner. The report of loss, theft or damage does not release you in anyway from this agreement. Please see below for details regarding the included damage waiver.
If equipment accessories such as lens hoods, caps, batteries, memory cards, cords, straps, etc. are not returned with the equipment a replacement fee may be charged but BRL staff will make every effort to contact you to establish a reasonable return of the accessories and that would possibly negate the need to charge the replacement fees.

Stolen Equipment

Equipment that is late after five business days will be considered stolen and the authorities will be contacted. You may elect to delay this action by good communication and providing evidence of good faith and effort to return the equipment.
If the equipment is stolen from you, get a police report filled out and send a copy to BRL. BRL staff will then work with you to make payment for replacing the equipment. You may be able to claim such a loss on your home-owners or renters insurance policy, but such ability to secure insurance payment will not delay payment to BRL for the stolen equipment.


You agree to completely and totally indemnify and hold harmless BRL and its agents, assigns, owners and heirs of any claims, costs, issues, damages or any other liability resulting from the use or possession of the equipment. You further agree that BRL is liable only for the rental agreement fees for BRL’s failure to perform any action such as on-time delivery or any other action.

Additional Info

As the need arises, BRL may request additional documentation or information as necessary to protect the interests of BRL. This may include financing statements or other/additional proof of identity.

Agreement and Assignment

You agree not to transfer or assign this lease agreement to any third party without the consent of BRL. This agreement will not be considered amended or altered except for signed written addendums.

Governing Law

The laws of the state of Washington, USA, will be used to interpret this and all agreements between you and BRL.

Cancellation Rights

BRL reserves the right to cancel any order for any reason.

Potential for Change

These terms may chage at any time, so please refresh your review of this page frequently.