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Leica M3 Camera and lenses

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A rough Leica for a good price.

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This Leica M3 double stroke is a bit rough. Please inspect photos carefully. I tested the shutter and it sounds good to me, but I've not put film through this camera. It comes with two lenses, the one shown here and a 28mm Leitz. The little item shown here with the 28mm indication is a little viewer that slips into the flash shoe mount. It's generally clean, it's just seen its better days. The leather holder is rough too, as seen in the pics. The front piece connects to the rear holder via some duct tape. May not be clear in the pic. The lens on the camera is a Leitz Summaron 3.5cm. For more on the camera, visit this link: For info on the lens that's attached look here: My quick look online for info on the 28mm lens is coming up dry. It's made in Canada. It's a 28mm Elmarit. The rear lens cap has a significant chunk taken out of it. All items are still protected, but there's a hole in the side of it. Also, the distance gauge numbers are heavily scratched. I'm considering this lens a "freebie" of sorts. The one on the camera is very clean and looks good. Operation seems normal too. Camera Serial Number: 856097 3.5cm serial number: 1149422 28mm serial number: 2544204


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