How It Works

Please read below to get an overview of how this process works. Please do contact us if you have any questions or special circumstances. You can use this link, or the phone number is at the bottom of each page. We look forward to serving your gear rental needs.

Browse and Order
Browse our various categories and read up on our lenses. In many cases, our owner, Brent Bergherm, has written an opinion piece about the equipment. The calendar shows on each product page. If the equipment is already reserved it will show up in red on the calendar. If it's available you'll be able to click the start date and the end date for your desired rental period. If you need to reset the calendar for any reason please click the reset button. The weekends are grayed out and are not selectable. You can, however, choose a rental period to include the weekend. You just can't select those as an arrival or return days.
Calendar Specifics.
Please select the start date of your desired rental period first, and then select your end date. These are the dates in which you will first receive your order and in which you will ship it back. If you plan to do a shoot on a Friday, please select Thursday for your arrival date. The system will not charge you for the date of delivery. Sometimes UPS can deliver into the evening. Please plan accordingly. If you selected Monday as your ending date, then you must return the equipment, ready to ship, to the shipping center before their cut-off time. Please refer to their respective websites for location specific information. We use FedEx and UPS.
Placing the product in your cart and shopping for more.
Once you have selected a lens or camera body and the dates in the calendar, click the "RENT" button. This will place the product in the shopping cart. From here you can review the dates for the rental period, continue shopping, or start the checkout process. If you choose the change the dates of the rental, you can easily do it in the shopping cart. Just be sure to click the "Confirm Dates" button to update your selected dates.
Fill out the order form boxes and be sure to click the check box that says you accept the terms and conditions on the last section of the checkout process. Please review them here if you'd like.
If you selected "Local Pickup" as your shipping option, you'll receive an email giving you directions and instructions for picking up your rental. If you're having it shipped to you, you'll receive a confirmation email with your tracking number attached once we charge your credit card (typically four days before your rental period is to begin). We use either FedEx or UPS. We do not ship to P.O. Boxes. However, you can have us ship to a FedEx or UPS shipping facility and have them hold it there for you if you'd like. Check out their locations here. FedEx and UPS.
Using the equipment.
Enjoy your newly arrived equipment. Please do take good care of it though. While all orders do include the standard damage waiver, it doesn't cover everything. Please review the particulars on our Terms and Conditions page. Please also review the policies for late returns and lost or stolen equipment.
Returning the equipment.
If you selected the "Local Pickup" option, you'll need to make arrangements to return the gear on the last day of your scheduled rental period. If you had the equipment shipped to you, all you need to do is repack the equipment in the same manner that it was shipped to you. Use the enclosed shipping label and return the taped box to a staffed shipping center that services the carrier used. Please be sure to drop it off before the cut-off time on the last day of your rental agreement. Please see our Terms and Conditions with regards to late arrivals.
When the equipment is returned in good order, BRL staff will inspect it for quality and cleanliness. If there are any issues (scratches or other damage) you will be contacted immediately. It can take us up to one day to process the return and put the equipment back into inventory.
Questions/Special Needs?
Please let us know if we can help with any special circumstances or needs. We'll do our best to accommodate these requests.