Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated: January 3, 2016

Shipping Fees

What are your shipping rates for WA and OR customers?

My rates are quite reasonable. I charge a flat rate of rate of $20 for the first item. There’s also an additional $5 charge for each additional item. For example, one lens would incur a fee of $20. If you rented two lenses, the shipping fee would be $25. If you rented a camera body and two lenses and a flash the fee would be $35. This is regardless of how many boxes it takes to pack your rental gear into.
These rates cover round trip shipping which is the shipment to you and back to me.

What are your shipping rates for "rest of USA" customers?

My rates are quite reasonable. I charge a flat rate of rate of $25 for the first item. There’s also an additional $5 charge for each additional item. For example, one lens would incur a fee of $25. If you rented two lenses, the shipping fee would be $35. If you rented a camera body and two lenses and a flash the fee would be $40. This is regardless of how many boxes it takes to pack your rental gear into. Shipments to AK and HI are higher but should be calculated on the site so you won’t have any surprises.
These rates cover round trip shipping which is the shipment to you and back to me.

Essential Curiosities

The process, explain it please.

I invite you to click here to head over to my dedicated “How it works” page. There, you’ll see how everything goes and be able to understand each step along the way.

What are the details of the order and approval process, especially for first time clients?

When you place a reservation and order on the site, your information is cross-checked with a secure on-line verification system. BRL uses Authorize.net, a leading provider of secure online payment systems. However, for first-time customers, you will be contacted for more information. This will also be the case if you provide new payment information or a different shipping address. You will also have to send me a copy of your government issued ID (such as a driver license) as well as a photo of your credit or debit card, front and back. I’m just trying to ensure that all transactions are safe and secure. By going through the extra steps there’s a greater level of assurance that my valuable equipment is in good hands. Please also know that BRL reserves the right to cancel an order for any reason, especially if I never hear back from you regarding these extra verification steps. I also reserve the right to require a security deposit to be fully paid.

If proof of insurance ever required?

Sometimes it is required. Most items in our inventory don’t require proof of insurance. However, if you rent several items or a very large item (i.e. total value over $5000 for example) you may be required to provide proof of insurance with Brent Rents Lenses, LLC listed as the payee. Proof of a general policy that specifically covers rented equipment may also qualify. In doing so, we’re given extra peace of mind that our interests, and yours, are covered. What would happen if the gear you rented were stolen? Most folks don’t have cash or credit available to cover this type of significant loss.

How do I know I’m getting quality equipment in good working order?

I take great pride in offering only the best equipment available. I also clean and inspect the equipment regularly. Except for the older “legacy” equipment (which is explicitly listed as such), I buy everything new. The gear is regularly tested quality and workmanship. Please note I consider a few pieces of tiny dust on internal elements, especially zooms, to be acceptable. If I determine that the image quality is affected for any reason I’ll certainly take it out of the inventory and have it cleaned and tested before renting it out again.
That said, I do not absolutely guarantee everything will be in tiptop shape when you receive your shipment. It’s possible that the shipper dropped the box and jolted something loose. It’s possible that other damage may have occurred during transit. For these reasons I have what I believe to be a stellar offer to make it right should things go wrong. If your equipment shows up dead on arrival let me know immediately. If possible, I will overnight a replacement item for you at no extra charge. I’ll also offer a refund if that is what you would prefer or if the replacement is not immediately available. Please give me a call and we’ll get it worked out.

Is it just a lens or camera body? What else comes with it?

With your order you’ll receive the described item and all regular accessories. For lenses, this often includes the lens hood. It will also include the front and rear lens caps. For camera bodies you get two batteries (three for the Fuji X-T1), the charger and usually a memory card. Look at your enclosed documentation for all items included in the box for camera bodies.
Please also note, when you rent a lens you’re welcome to keep the enclosed lens cloth if you’d like.

Equipment Damage...

I’ve damaged the equipment. Now what?

First off, call or email me right away. The sooner I know the sooner I can assess the situation and offer help. My goal is to help you through this. Depending on circumstances I’ll be able to assist in making things right a smooth process. My goal is to make things easy for you.
Please note that the damage waiver doesn’t cover the following; water damage, loss, theft, sand damage and recklessness. Reckless behavior is defined as attaching the equipment to an airplane/car/train or anything of the sort and it falls off or otherwise gets damaged. Maybe you’re shooting out the window of a moving vehicle and it drops, this too would be considered recklessness or negligence. Please note this is only an example and is not intended to be limiting in anyway. Our staff has the final determination of what constitutes recklessness.
A camera or lens falling off a cliff would be considered reckless, but the same falling off a failed strap to the ground would be likely considered an accident. It all starts with a conversation though, so if something does happen, please call and let’s talk about it.

What is damage anyway? If it’s just a bit scuffed on the lens barrel, is that damage?

Most likely a scuff on the barrel will not be considered damage. If it’s major enough then it could be. Ask yourself one question; if you were to receive the equipment in the shape it’s now in (after your “scuff”) would you want a refund on your rental? If your answer is yes, then it’s likely to be considered damage. Dents or cracks will be considered damage. Scratches will also be considered damage if it’s on the lens elements or camera sensors, mirrors, focusing screens or other screens. Sometimes hairline scratches will not be considered scratches. The BRL staff has the final say in judging whether or not a piece of equipment is damaged or not.

OK, so you’ve deemed it damaged, now what?

First off, the equipment must be returned. If it can’t be returned, then damage cannot be determined. Once I have the equipment back I will communicate with you about what will happen. Since a basic damage waiver is included on all orders your liability is limited. Read below for that policy. Also don’t forget to read our specific Terms and Conditions. You may also be responsible for the lost revenue as explained in the next section.

Damage Waiver... What does that really mean?

All orders include the basic damage waiver which is meant to simply limit your liability to the damage. Think of it as a deductible on your insurance. You’ll owe the deductible up to the amount defined in the Terms and Conditions.
Please note, Canon lenses, Sigma and Tokina Lenses, camera bodies, GoPro and Fuji items all have different damage waiver percentages. Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions page for a full understanding of the damage waiver rates.

If the gear is damaged, I’ll run a charge for the damage waiver amount. If the repair bill comes back less than that you’ll receive a refund as necessary. For example. Let’s say you rented a $1,000 lens. It was damaged so the amount you’re responsible for is $250. I will charge you that $250 amount right up front. If the repair bill is less than $250, you’ll be refunded the balance. If it’s more, you don’t owe anything more as you’re covered.

You’ll also be responsible for any lost revenue as per our Terms and Conditions agreement (maximum one week). It’s like this; if someone else has reserved and paid for the equipment right after you, and you damage it, we are not able to honor the rental with the other customer. You’ll be liable for that lost rental revenue up to seven days. This is why it’s very important for you to call us as soon as it’s damaged. We’ll assess the situation and alert you of all these issues. If we can get a replacement lens in time due to your fast action, you’ll not be liable for the lost rent revenue

Please note: damage waiver does not cover damage caused by the following: water or other liquid, sand/dirt/grit, negligence, theft or loss.

The gear was lost or stolen. Now what?

We’ll need one of two things. Either the police report in the case of theft, or a written statement from you regarding the loss also signed by witnesses if they exist. We reserve the right to investigate further beyond these two items. In either case, you’ll be responsible for replacing the equipment and we’ll charge the payment method originally used to reserve the rental.
You may provide an alternate payment method if you’d like. If you need to turn documents into insurance the Terms and Conditions policy states that you’ll allow me to charge your payment method first and then you’ll deal with the insurance company later. I will be happy to provide any information the insurance company needs.
If there’s a delay you may also be responsible for covering lost rental revenue such as in cases where we’re unable to honor the existing rental reservation of another customer due to equipment loss or theft. In the case of loss valued at $5,000 or more, we will work with you and your insurance company to receive payment.

Other Basic Policies

I need the equipment ON TIME, how do you guarantee that?

In short, I don’t guarantee that equipment will arrive on the exact date you reserved it. FedEx or UPS sometimes mess up. I can’t be responsible for that. I do use their system to plan for your shipment to arrive on the day of, or one day before, your planned rental period. If it arrives early, don’t worry, you won’t be charged extra.
If you’re planning on a big trip, please plan to have the equipment arrive a day or two in advance of your departure. If FedEx or UPS delays cause you to miss delivery then please call me. I may be able to reroute the package to have it delivered to wherever you’re headed (if within the US). An extra deposit will be necessary if you want this type of service. If anything else happens along these lines, please give me a call. I want to help you get back on track.

When is a deposit needed?

First time clients that require shipping will require a deposit equal to about the damage waiver policy for that equipment (25% new replacement value for Canon lenses for example).
But for subsequent orders, a deposit is not usually required. Certain circumstances will require  require a deposit. I’ll let you know when this applies. High value equipment, or lots of regular equipment rented at once, may require a deposit. I may also require an insurance certificate. In those cases a deposit is likely never an issue.
In all cases, normal deposits are a funds reservation only, meaning that money doesn’t actually transfer from your account to my account. It’s only “parked” and reserved in case I end up needing to turn it in to an actual charge.
In rare cases, a deposit will actually need to be fully paid. This will not happen without your explicit authorization though. Such a circumstance would be if you missed the delivery window and you requested that the gear be rerouted to your vacation destination (within the contiguous US). Such a service is not guaranteed, but if it happens, I’ll certainly give it a try for you.

When do you charge my card?

My goal is to charge your card when I’m processing the shipment. This is usually about four to seven days before your scheduled order delivery. Give me a few days leeway either way please. If the charge can’t be processed and I can’t reach you for an alternate form of payment I will cancel the order.
If you’d like to reserve for several weeks in the future and you’d rather I just fully charge the payment right away, just let me know and I can do that too. If a deposit is required it will happen just before it ships though.

I need to cancel my order. What’s the plain English policy for cancellations?

Just give me a call or email. If it hasn’t shipped yet you’re good to go and there will not be a charge. If you need to cancel and your order has already shipped, I’ll make every effort to reroute the package back to the office but any refunds will be at my discretion. Basically, if it leaves the office, no refunds are offered. But sometimes circumstances are such where it makes sense to offer a partial refund and if that’s ever the case, I’ll be happy to do so.

What about my privacy? I care about my personal information.

I completely understand and make this promise. BRL will never sell or rent any customer information to anyone. BRL does have to transfer your information to the payment clearing house to process your payment. I also have them (authorize.net) store and keep your confidential information on their servers instead of our servers. This is an added benefit to you since your payment information is possibly the most valuable of the information you give us. They have years of experience in protecting online payments and ensuring everything is very secure. Additionally, we use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption key to transfer the information from your computer to our system so everything is up to standards for online security. Please call if you have any questions.
For a more detailed policy that also discusses cookies and the like, please click here.

What about fraud?

I won’t tell you all my secrets, but one thing that is simple is to be sure you check your email often. If I go without a response your order is likely to be cancelled and you’ll be without a lens or camera body. Communication is important and it’s the first line of defense, in a manner of speaking.

I want a lens that you don’t carry. Shall I just give up on you and go elsewhere?

Please let me know via the contact page if you’re looking for something I don’t currently offer. I don’t carry everything, I certainly know that. At this point I focus on top quality Canon-mount lenses, cameras and accessories along with a GoPro system and a limited Fuji X system. If you’re looking for Nikon, yes, until further notice, I recommend you find an alternate source. If you’re looking for a great Canon-mount lens that I don’t offer, please let me know. I am interested in satisfying your needs so your communication with me will help out immensely.

I operate a website and want to partner with you? Do you do that?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis I do. Please contact me via the contact page and we’ll see what happens. You will see my advertising around the internet. That doesn’t constitute a partnership in this meaning. If you’re a professional photographer please ask about my Ambassador Program.

All About Shipping

Which shipping carrier is used?

I prefer FedEx but will also ship UPS if it makes sense to do so. If you have a preference, you’re welcome to email me and I’ll use the shipper of your choice (between FedEx and UPS).
Both offer great service. This would be in the case that you have ample UPS return facilities but not very convenient FedEx return facilities (or vice versa). Just let me know and I’ll do what I can to accommodate your request.

My signature is needed but no one is home to sign. Now what?

In certain cases you may want to have the equipment shipped to your place of work. Your signature will be required for all shipments. If you have me ship to a different address (i.e. your work) I may have to perform additional screening to ensure there’s no funny business going on. In these cases please also be able and willing to give us the main office number of the business (your work) so I can call to verify everything as needed.
Maybe there’s a FedEx Office nearby. Have it shipped there and you can then pick it up on your schedule. It’s easy make happen so just let me know.

Where is your territory? Where do you ship to?

I ship to the US states and D.C. AK and HI orders will have higher shipping rates than other states, but otherwise it’s just fine.

I live in the US and I’m vacationing in FL. Will you ship it to my hotel at Walt Disney World Resort?

Generally no. However, if you’re an existing customer with a bit of a rental history and you specifically agree to be held responsible for any loss that happens while the package is being held for you, then yes, I’ll rent it to you and ship to your hotel. In this case a fully paid deposit WILL be required.
I recommend shipping it to a FedEx Office or UPS Store location instead. You can pick it up at your convenience and it’s safe and secure that way as well. Find a specific address for one of these locations and include it in your order and all should be good to go. A fully paid deposit will still be required though.

Do you ship to my PO Box?

No. I don’t use the postal service so your only option will be to use a FedEx Office location or a UPS Store. They receive shipments all the time for clients. All you have to do is show your ID and have your tracking number (which comes in your shipment confirmation email).

I’m in the military and need to ship to an APO/FPO address. Will you ship to me?

We love and respect all our fellow citizens serving in the US armed forces. We salute you. The problem is that the additional shipping time required to get the equipment to you can be quite lengthy. It causes a logistical and pricing nightmare so I’ve elected not to ship to these addresses.

Do you offer same-day shipping?

Sometimes yes but usually I require the order to be placed with enough time to give me time to process and ship it out. If the system allows you to reserve a specific date, then I’ll have enough time to get it processed and out to you. If you require it sooner than what the system is allowing, feel free to call. If possible, I’ll process the order manually and get it out to you next day, if you’re willing to pay the additional fees. Sometimes a fully paid deposit will also be required in these cases.

How do I get the equipment back to you?

Save the box and packing material. Included in the box is a return shipping label. If you lose it you’re still liable for returning it via FedEx or UPS according to your original return-by date at your expense.
BUT, do email me first as I may be able to send you a label you can print off. Wouldn’t that make your life easier?
Make sure the equipment is packed the same way it was shipped to you. Be sure to include all the accessories. Affix the return shipping label on top of the original label and drop it off a staffed FedEx or UPS location of your choice (not a drop box). Have them tape it if needed and get a drop-off receipt. This is your proof that you dropped it off should there be any issues with the return of the item. You’ll receive an email once I get your product back. If the inspection turns up something that needs to be discussed (a missing accessory or damage) then you’ll be receiving another email.

Can I pick it up in Walla Walla?

Sure, just select “local pickup” for the shipping option and you’ll be given instructions regarding the local pickup option. Your order may be boxed like a regular shipment but likely not. You will have to place your order online first. If you need assistance in figuring out what’s best for you to rent, just call. I’m happy to discuss the options with you. I only accept payment online with your credit card. No cash or checks accepted. If you pick up locally it will be expected that you will return it locally too. If you elect to ship the equipment back it’s at your own expense and it’s due at the shipper on the date your rental term ends. If you elect to ship it back and it arrives late, you will be charged late fees according to our Terms and Conditions.